Is it green space?

Green urban areas are essential for an improved quality of life and a sustainable urban environment. They provide space for social interaction and strengthen social cohesion. They also play a vital role in improving air quality and balancing temperatures in the city

Despite their importance, green spaces often conflict with issues such as consumption, transport, and bulding, which can lead to their reduction or loss. A good balance between urban development and the preservation of green spaces is therefore essential for sustainable and livable urban design.

“Is it green space” is a project of the collective interna that questions and takes a critical look at how urban green spaces are handled. It provides a basis for discussion on sustainable urban development, environmental protection and the importance of green spaces in urban areas.

The selected objects were covered with green fabric. The neoprene fabric made of viscose fiber used for this purpose was cut to size and sewn to maintain the basic shape of the object. By covering objects in public spaces with green fabric, it not only critically examines the use of green spaces, but also places them in the context of consumption, traffic and construction.